How to hide from your neighbors’ sight ?

Aussi disponible en Français : Rez-de-chaussée et vis-à-vis : comment se protéger des regards ?

Whether we live in a flat or in a house, we’ve all tried to protect ourselves from the outside looks at some point. Bathroom, closed views, ground floor living room or house in a city street… so many situations where we would like to find a decorative and functional solution to preserve our intimacy! What could you do ? There are different options :

  • Blinds : with blinds you can adapt the visibility or the luminosity you want to have.
  • Folding screen in front of the window : you will be protected from the outside but won’t be able to see through.
  • Moucharabieh that lets the light come in.
  • Frosted adhesive window decorations to stick on your windows. You can even find some with patterns !

All these solutions are effective, the only problem is that you will lose all the outside views because of the opacity of those products… So we would like to introduce you something new : the trompe-l’oeil sticker for windows. But, what is it ? This sticker for window uses the technology of a micro-perforated film which has an effect comparable to a two-way mirror film. The micro-perforated sticker protects you from outside glances without blocking the outside view. This window decoration is transparent from the inside and opaque from the outside, it creates the effect: « see unnoticed! ». From the inside you will see through the windows without losing too much light (at least 80% of the light is coming through). From the outside your windows are decorated with a trompe-l’œil in high definition. You can give your windows a green style or give the impression of a net curtain at the window. Do you have a solution to hide from you neighbors’ sight ? Share it with us, we want to know all about it !

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