Children’s bedroom ideas : the infants !

Aussi disponible en Français : Quelle déco pour une chambre d'enfant entre 3 et 8 ans?

We spoke about decoration of babies’ bedrooms previously. Now, let’s find ideas for the older ones : from 3 to 8 years old.

Baby is growing fast, it is about time to change the room and bring on a new universe. I like the interactive stickers that you can move around and play with. Princesses in a wonderland, dinosaurs, knights or fish, what does your child fancy ?

Between 3 and 8 they improve a lot and start to be interested in colours, shapes, reading, counting… There is a hole range of stickers that you can remove easily and the kids can play with them.

They also discover the power of pencils and chalk. You can paint a wall with chalkboard paint or just dress up their walls with white boards stickers or chalk boards stikers so that they can experiment freedom of expression in their own bedroom. There is also the opportunity to use the self adhesive colouring panel, that is a giant wall stickers on which children can draw of color without damaging the walls. It is as easy to install as it is to remove off the walls.

Please share with us your experience of decorating your child’s bedroom. Have you ever use a Wall stickers pannel on wich children can draw ? Have you used the chalkboard paint ?

For more decoration ideas just get lost in the stickers muraux section 😉

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