Children’s bedroom ideas : Just before the teen age…

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Regarding your child’s age we can offer you a range of many decorations themes. We already talked about babies (0 to 3yrs) and infants (3 to 8yrs). Today I’d like to write about the pre-teenage stage or « baby teens »!

From 8 to 12 years old it is the time when you like to collect things, play marbles and you’re the animals best friend (horses, cats, dogs, fish all of them really…).

Stickers construction site

Stickers construction site

I remember at this age I changed all my room and decorated it with adds from magazines (perfumes, clothings, baby stuff…), pictures, postcards, all the things that made me dream at that time. But more importantly I wanted my decoration to reflects me (at that time) and my bedroom to be my little planet.

From 8 to 12 years old you’re not a child any more but not a teenager yet. You want to be old but still stay a little bit young… To make it short they want to be cool and stay children! So decoration in their room has to be adapted, the themes may stay the same but the design is updated for this age. Girls are still dreaming of princesses and dolls but in a smart and trendy version of it. Boys are more fashion knightly orientated and like to barricade themselves in their bedroom that looks more like a construction site than actually a bedroom…

They start to listen to music, go outside to play with their skateboards and meet some friends, send texts etc… There is a large range of stickers with a graphic, dynamic, pop and colourful look that your kids and yourself will enjoy. Let them select their stickers and create the look they want with no trouble.

Find some ideas below :

Tell us about how does your young teenager’s bedroom look like !

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