Meet WALLSWEETHOME ! A new decoration website…

Aussi disponible en Français : Découvrez WALLSWEETHOME ! le nouveau site de déco en ligne...

In this week news we are happy to announce you the birth of© a new online shop for wall decorations (among others) MADE IN FRANCE .

Welcome and long life to© , a website with a simple and sleek design, easy to naviguate with and that offers numerous possibilities.© what is it ?

Wallsweethome© offers you decoration stickers of all sizes, shapes and designs to subime your walls. We love the intended pun between HOME SWEET HOME and WALL SWEET HOME . It offers a promise of pampering your interior decoration and you walls. You will feel at home here. I can hear you say like George, OK but : what else ? Wallsweethom has definitely something else !

What else for wallsweethome© ?© gives you the opportunity to personalize your decoration and design online your custom-made sticker. Become a home decoration designer by choosing the size and design of your sticker for door, bedhead sticker, window sticker or your adhesive poster ! You can choose among your personal pictures or online databases of professionals’ images… Soon you will be able to create as well your own made-to-measure wall paper !

Accueil WSH

So what do you think ? Would you like to create your own decoration with wallsweethom ? I found it sooooo exciting !

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