Love the others as they are…

Aussi disponible en Français : Aimer les autres tels qu'ils sont...

Frida KahloWe do not introduce the Flow magazine any more,  I spoke about it here. In the end of year edition, Flow offered us an ephemeris for 2016 with attractive quotes, among others.

I share with you the quote of the 9th of January from Frida Kahlo : « I will then be the friend of people who love me as I am ».

This lovely quote makes me think about bismark’s sentence : « Love is blind, frienship closes its eyes », existing in wall decals on

Those famous quotes are happiness message for the entire world. Here, they invite us to welcom the other as he/she is, not as we would like him/her to be. This is LOVE, this is as well real friendship.  Accept the other one isn’t perfect but stay by his/her side for what he can bring us. Go beyond the defects, emphasize the qualities.

If you want to, let’s make this world more beautiful with this excercice : Find one quality by person you appreciate less to be able to like him/her as he/she is !


Let’s go and have a great week !

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Citation murale adhésive

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