Let’s be optimistic !

Did you notice that optimism is now recommended like vitamins for a good personal developpement ?

The Flow magazine encourages us to be positive and think positive !

The Carrefour shop created a commercial on optimisme and the definition of the word. Optimism doesn’t mean being happy all the time and for any reason like they say in this commercial : « I don’t refuse to see adversity but I refuse to see fate. »

Being optimistic is refusing to see the glass half empty, is finding the positive in delicate situations to help us go further. Being optimistic is good for your health. Being optimistic is being responsible, brave and knowing how to go against the tide of what the medias are willing to sell us today…

Did you know that there is a Optimistic club in France ? Yes, it is possible to share one’s optimism with others and getting support in this optimistic approach. You can even take a test on your optimistic level test d’optimisme to discover how optimistic your are and what you could improve. And, there is an great opportunity for English speaker to create an optimistic club and join the global organization to become an optimistic citizen, as there is no club in the UK or the USA yet…

So, now, there is no reason for you not to be optimistic today ! Here is a quote wall decal that resumes the situation : « Si le plan A ne fonctionne pas, il reste encore 25 lettres dans l’alphabet »… Meaning « If plan A failed, there is always 25 letters left in the alphabet »…


So optimism is for now or tomorrow then ? What is your best trick to be optimistic ?


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