4 tips for a great Urban Jungle Style.


Aussi disponible en Français : 4 conseils déco pour une style Urban Jungle.

When NATURE invades decoration with a neocolonial style, this is Urban Jungle style coming in to your room. First open home magazines and read our 4 ideas for a great Urban Jungle Style. Then start creating your very own Urban jungle at home.

Colors :


Source : Pinterest

The Urban Jungle style has to recreate natural wild shades of luxurious and exotic nature. Combine greens and blues to create a jungle style. Associate touches of bright colors such as orange and yellow to add an acidic shade.

Patterns :

ombre alte su sx e dx

Source : Eclectic Trends


Choose plant motives with wallpapers, stickers or a real wall covered with plants like a green wall. The vegetation is very present in the urban jungle style and you should not fail reveal it. Cactus, Monstera leaves, banana tree leaves or palm tree leaves, the vegetation must be abundant and « drippen » like many wall plants make it.

The animal detail :


source : sixdifferentways.com

The urban jungle style also requires the integration of an animal following the example of the cabinets of curiosities. It can be fur, stuffed animal, insects, bird or any wold animal fake or real. The animal has to be beautiful, colorful and quite unusual. Its colors will bring a touch of exotism in the room. The animal can be represented as a statue, on a sticker, a print on a cushion, a frame or on a carpet.

Materials :



To create a great Urban Jungle style you will also have to us natural material such as linen, paper or rattan. Mirrors could be frame with bomboos fr example. You can also add animal texture with a faux fur used as a carpet or a plaid (like on the picture above).

Tell us all about your urban jungle ambiance, What is/would it be like ?

Source of the Front page picture : focus-maison.com (we love the flamingo details on the cushion and as a statue on the left).

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