End of summer, beginning of grape harvests…

Disponible en Français : Fin de l'été, début des vendanges...

End of August usually announces the period of the grape harvests in France. But they do not start everywhere at the same time. Indeed, the grape harvests depend on several parameters like the rate of sugar or the acidity of the grapes, the type of wine we want to produce etc. So, the more the vines are located in the South and the more the grape harvests start early (at the end of August).

Don’t wait for the grape harvests to appreciate wine (to be enjoyed with moderation…). WINE is a noble and beautiful product that can be adapted to any style.

Discover, below, a selection of decorating ideas around the wine and around the oenology to create an original decoration in a kitchen, a dining room, a restaurant, a cellar etc….


Find more decoration ideas related to WINE on Pinterest to decorate your world.

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