Let it shine

Aussi disponible en Français : Briller pour ne pas oublier...

The weekly challenge propose us to share a shiny moment. Something shiny that caught our eyes. That is perfect for me as I was saving those pictures for the day I would need them. This day is today as it matches this challenge « Shine« .


Those pins come from a window of an antique shop in Brussels. I didn’t buy those but taking these pictures enabled me to own them a little bit. I don’t know exactly why I stopped there and took those pictures. It was just a glance at the this window and they caught my eyes, probably because they were shiny. I love them as they deliver a message you have to read if you want to hear it. The sparkly pin refers to Brussels’ bombing… The shine nevers dies and so does Brussels.

That’s it for me now, have a lovely weekend and LET IT SHINE !

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