Christmas 2016 #3 : Xmas tree…

Aussi disponible en Français : Noël 2016 #3 : Le sapin.

Now that your advent calendar is done and already in use and that your door is beautifully decorated with a lovely wreath, we can get some great ideas to be inspired for a Christmas tree.

Christmas tree is one of the main decoration and a very important symbol of Chrsitmas. We love it and above all we love to gather and decorate it. There are so many ideas for a unique and unusual X-mas tree : In IKEA they created a Christmas tree out of lovely soft cushions, we also like the upside-down tree branch (seen on

So you can either choose a real Christmas tree with a lovely smell of forest or dare to be different with a great DIY Christmas tree… Look at this great video to find out how to be different and look for a pallet, a paintbrush, paint and makeover your tree this Christmas !  Let’s go (the video is in French but no need to understand French for this DIY)

So, what do you think ? This is soooo simple for a great result right ? You can then sit back and relax admiring your masterpiece !

You can get inspiration on our Pinterest wall : Mon beau sapin et autres idées déco !

Design your very own Christmas tree and let be Christmas magic ❤ !

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