Self adhesive border : nice and easy

Did you know there is a great way of decorating a room in a simple and quick way?

The self adhesive borders proposed by Wall Sweet Home are great, useful wall decals to decorate a child’s bedroom.

The plus of the product :

  • They are cute and wavy to bring movement and style to the walls
  • They are removable and can be placed somewhere else without damaging the walls
  • They are a bargain as one adhesive border (125 x 15cm) only costs 5.95€!

Discover this range of self adhesive borders for kids on choose your favorite now!


This was our contribution for the Daily Prompt Challenge of the 9th of october : BORDER .

Self adhesive borders : it’s quick and clever !

Aussi disponible en Français : Les frises adhésives : décorez malin !

We are always looking for the last trend for wall decoration. Here is a simple and clever way of decorating the walls, adapted to children changing minds !

Discover the self adhesive removable borders, they wave along your walls. Repositionnable self adhesive borders have incredible assets for an easy and fast decoration. They create a successful atmosphere in your child’s room :

  • The self adhesive border is removable and repositionnable. It is produced in a special adhesive canvas material that will not damage you walls or any other support and will not leave marks on them. Thanks to the « Stick on – Stick off » technology, it is easy to display the adhesive border on the wall, reposition it or remove it.
  • Those adhesive borders is wavy and not rectangular and straight like any other adhesive friezes. Set yourselves appart from the others and create a unique decoration with the wavy friezes. The wavy shape gives movement to the decoration and so allows the decoration to take life on your walls (Self-adhesive colouring borders aren’t wavy but do not lack movement nontheless).
  • These self adhesive borders can be combined with other matching wall decorations : Decoration KIT are available to create a complete and original decoration in the bedroom. Combine an adhesive border with matching wall decals, door decorations or wall murals.
  • These self adhesive borders have various and unusual designs to suit babies as well as older kids. A special mention for the colouring self adhesive borders to be colored and that will make your little one proud of taking part in the room decoration.

Discover a sample of the existing self adhesive borders :