Toute l’équipe de Décore la vie! vous souhaite un très Joyeux Noël. Nous vous souhaitons de passer une belle journée en famille ou entre amis car Noël est avant tout la journée du rassemblement, de l’échange et du partage !

All the Team of Décore la vie! whishes you a verry merry Christmas. We whish you to spend a lovely quality time with your friends or family, because Christmas is all about gathering, sharing and spending great time together !


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Christmas 2016 #5 : Tasty ideas !

Aussi disponible en Français : Noël 2016 #5 : Il est temps de se régaler!

Now that you’ve wrapped all your presents, let’s find ideas to relax and have fun ! You need to think of great ideas to feed your friends and family, why not creating a lovely gingerbread house with Christmas spices ? You can also be different and create a lovely chocolate house like in this video :

For cooking, being simple is often the best, all people want is to enjoy each other’s company. You can create lovely and simple things such as an edible Christmas tree or original Christmas cookies. Play with sweet and salt and you will always fin lovely ideas for your guests to enjoy !

What is your favorite receipe for Christmas ? Tell us more !

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Christmas 2016 #3 : Xmas tree…

Aussi disponible en Français : Noël 2016 #3 : Le sapin.

Now that your advent calendar is done and already in use and that your door is beautifully decorated with a lovely wreath, we can get some great ideas to be inspired for a Christmas tree.

Christmas tree is one of the main decoration and a very important symbol of Chrsitmas. We love it and above all we love to gather and decorate it. There are so many ideas for a unique and unusual X-mas tree : In IKEA they created a Christmas tree out of lovely soft cushions, we also like the upside-down tree branch (seen on

So you can either choose a real Christmas tree with a lovely smell of forest or dare to be different with a great DIY Christmas tree… Look at this great video to find out how to be different and look for a pallet, a paintbrush, paint and makeover your tree this Christmas !  Let’s go (the video is in French but no need to understand French for this DIY)

So, what do you think ? This is soooo simple for a great result right ? You can then sit back and relax admiring your masterpiece !

You can get inspiration on our Pinterest wall : Mon beau sapin et autres idées déco !

Design your very own Christmas tree and let be Christmas magic ❤ !

Christmas 2016 #2 : wreath for doors.

Aussi disponible en Français : Noël 2016 #2 : La couronne de Porte

So, did the first Christmas DIY went well ? We hope you liked it.

This week, we will share with you an amazing idea for your door wreath. This is cheap, simple, fun and original !

Christmas wreath for doors :

For this Christmas DIY you will need a wire coat hanger (simple one from the dry cleaner), Christmas baubles (any size, colors etc.) and a ribon (on the picture below, they also used pine tree but it isn’t compulsary).

Discover this video found on Facebook, where you will find all the steps to create a lovely and stunning Christmas wreath for doors !

What do you think ? What does your door wreath look like ? Teel us all about it !

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