From the Edge… But which one ?

Also available in French : Depuis le bord... Mais lequel ?

This week Daily post challenge is « Edge » which is quite a vast program and I had so many beautifull pictures that would fit this challenge…


I had to choose only one and I choose this picture of a florist’s window shop in Brussels. Despite the fact I would have baught everything in the shop, I choose this picture for two mains reasons : First, I liked the ressemblance with one of our product : « Flowers on balcony » . AND second, I liked the idea of a double point of view of the Edge.

Let me explain this double interpretation : First you have the glance of the people passing by, they can admire these beautiful flower boxes on the edge of the window. But you also have the little statues looking at you through the window on the edge of it… I like the mirror game of these two worlds observing each other from the edge…

A riddle

Aussi disponible en Français : Une devinette.

To open this column and because the cold settles down slowly, let’s begin with a riddle. You will ask me « what’s the link between this pretty flower and the cold ? ». It’s coming, it’s coming…

What is the name of this flower ? Digitalis, yes, but the common name ?

It’s pet name is soooo cute : « Foxgloves ». I like to imagine the fox roaming at the edge of the woods putting on his lovely purple gloves… How CHIC ! It is about time for us too, to get the gloves out of the boxes.

Find the giant digitalis wall decoration on and decorate your house with flowers whaterver the season !