5 helpful tips to create the best home-office.

Aussi disponible en Français : 5 conseils pour créer un bureau à la maison

Working from home is great but you have to be organised and dedicated. It requires a rigorous life discipline. For some, it is a choice, for other ,a necessity. What I am sure about is that whorking from home is above all about ORGANISATION.

When working from home, you have to have a special dedicated place to work at. Indeed, preparing a pleasant desk – a well organised area where you can tidy and classify your files – enables you to adopt the « Work mode ». It also helps to make the dinstinction between HOUSE and OFFICE.

Find great advice from Agnès Carpentier on Houzz.fr in order to organise your home office experience and create a great office at home.

What would be your favorite style ?

You can find here 7 ideas to decorate your office

An this is our last minute crush :

Besoin d’installer un bureau dans votre salon ou votre chambre ? Jouez avec la couleur pour remplacer les murs et délimiter votre « zone de travail». Sans cloisonner ni enfermer l’espace, créez ainsi l’illusion d’une pièce en trompe-l’oeil.:

Source : Castorama.fr sur Pinterest. We like the yellow corner of this home office. It creates a room in a room.

7 ideas to decorate your office.

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Your office is one of the place where you spend most of your time. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to work in a bland boring place. Nobody would find the great motivation to work in a corless place. But nobody can stop you from bringing life to that place and personalize your decoration. Time to create a lovely working place that looks like you !

Whether you are creative, nature addict, globe-trotter, urban style or more classy, there is always a style for you and your office. Here are 7 styles with 14 ideas to decorate your office and create a lovely personalized decoration.

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